General Questions

1. Is this service really free?
Yes. All the services provided by MeetTheWorld are completely free.

2. How do I create a MeetTheWorld profile?
- Register for FREE
- Create your profile
Remember, you must be 15+ to use this website.
After completing your registration, you will receive an activation email. Follow the link to activate your account, then simply fill out a profile and upload a few photos of yourself. Once these are approved you are on your way to meeting the right friends all the world.

3. I’m having trouble uploading my photos
If you’re having trouble uploading or posting photos:
- Check the photo format. Upload only JPG, PNG, or GIF files
- Check the size of the photo. We recommend uploading photos under 5MB.
- Make sure you’re using the latest version of your browser.

4. How do I edit my profile?
- Making changes to your MeetTheWorld profile is very simple.
- Click on your account name on the upper right hand corner. A menu will then drop down.
Prifile Edit
- Select “Your Username” >> Profile Edit.
- From here, you can make changes to any section of your profile. Click on any of these areas to make the necessary changes. Click “SAVE” when finished.

5. I forgot my password. How do I log into my account?
- If you don’t remember your username or password, click the “Forgot Password” link on the Member Sign In page.
- We will send you a password reset link that allows you to reset your password within 24 hours.
- Check your Spam or Junk Mail folder. Email providers will sometimes erroneously classify our messages.
- If you still cannot log into your account, please contact

6. How can I change the email address on my account?
- Login to your account.
- Click on your account name on the upper right hand corner. A menu will then drop down.
- Select “Your Username” >> Profile Edit.
Change Your Email Address
- Change your new email address the "Email” form on this page.
- TIP: Users can only register an email address one time. If an account is deleted and a member wishes to restore their account with a previously used email, please contact to regain access.

6. I want to change my username and/or password.
- To Change Your Username and/or password:
- Please contact Customer Support to change your username, providing both your current and desired usernames. It is best to provide a few choices for your new username in case your first choice is already being used by another member. Keep in mind that we do not allow last names in usernames.
- Username guidelines:
  · Must be at least 3 characters long
  · Must be no longer than 16 characters long
  · Must start with a letter
  · Can NOT use special characters such as + = ) ( & ^ $ # : | \ ? /
- To change your password click here

7. I signed up for the wrong account type. How do I change this?
- Please contact, providing your current username.

8. How do I delete my account?
- For privacy and security reasons, we are unable to delete your account for you. Please follow these steps below to delete your account.
- Login to your account.
- Click on your account name on the upper right hand corner. A menu will then drop down.
- Select “Your Username” >> Profile Edit.
- You will find the “Delete Profile” button at the bottom of the Profile Edit page.

Member Concerns

1. How do I hide my profile/photos from other users?
- Login to your account.
- Click on your account name on the upper right hand corner. A menu will then drop down.
- Select “Your Username” >> Privacy.
Change Privacy
- You can set access permissions to your content for other users.

2. What does blocking do?
- Blocking is an action that intentionally prevents profile visibility and MeetTheWorld site communication between users. By default, profile details and information exchanged via email between male and female members occurs on a voluntary basis.
- MeetTheWorld cannot be held accountable for the information exchanged between users.
- Directly above a user’s profile image is the Block option.
Block option
- You can block users to prevent them from starting conversations with you or seeing anything posted on your profile.
- People you block can no longer view information posted on your profile or start a conversation with you.
- In the event that a blocked contact has that status changed by a user to “unblocked,”’ all original account settings will apply. The unblocked contact will regain full access to that user’s profile information and will be able to re-establish contact via profile options.
- Any member can report abuse by using the Report link. MeetTheWorld provides users with options to report content, language, photos, or videos that they believe to be in violation of our Terms of Service.

3. How does suspension work?
When a user is suspended, a hold is placed on all account activity. Profile details and approved photos will be saved, but all site features and other members will become inaccessible. Messages sent by the suspended user will still be received by other users, but cannot be opened by them until the suspension is lifted.

4. What happens after suspension?
- All suspended accounts will be reviewed by our MeetTheWorld Support team within 24 hours of the applied suspension. To check if a hold has been lifted, please attempt to login.

5. How can a user get an account restored?
- Users are advised to allow 24 hours before seeking additional help with login issues. If the account is still suspended after 24 hours, and/or you believe the suspension was erroneous, Please contact, providing your current username.

6. Under what circumstances will an account be deleted?
- MeetTheWorld reserves the right to delete user accounts if, by our sole discretion, deletion is in the best interests of our site, community, and/or users.
- Reasons for deletion include issuance of Spam, Look for Sexual Partners, Ask for money to members, Intimidate, Stalk, or Harass, accessing the site from a suspicious IP address, and/or violating our Terms of Service.

7. How can a user be flagged for spamming?
- Our Spam filter is an effective method for keeping malicious users from abusing the MeetTheWorld site. Due to automated nature of the messaging filters, occasionally legitimate users are inadvertently flagged as spammers.
- An account can be flagged for spamming if, for example, a user sends an excessive number of messages in a 24-hour period, or exceeds the daily messaging limit.