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Traveling is a breath of fresh air in our boring and monotonous life. But traveling can be hectic, and problematic if unplanned. For the newbies, it is a hell load of a problem to complete a tour safely in a completely new place. So here are some tips to make your trips better. In my 15 years of traveling, I have stumbled over these problems and finally learned to solve those. Following these, you can roll with your journey anytime anywhere. 



1. Always plan your trip before you start. Learn about where you're going, how much it can cost or what are the must visits in there. And also keep a backup plan. With all my years of traveling, I've realized that things never go as planned. So keep a clear idea of what are the minimal things you want to do in your visit. If your elaborate plans don't work, keep calm and follow plan B. 


2. Mix with the locals. It is the only way to get the fullest out of your trip. Commoners are mostly gentle and hospitable. They will welcome you wholeheartedly. And they also take your expenses to a minimum. And also they are simple and will give you the real taste of the place. This is very effective than fancy travel guides with their fixed schedules and high expenses. But you must keep an open mind and not start criticizing their lifestyles. 


3. Make an emergency kit consisting of necessary elements of survival. Also keep a copy of your id and passport there. It also should contain a basic phone set with an active sim card. Keep regular medications there like aspirin, Benadryl, metronidazole etc. And also keep bandages and antiseptics in the case of any unpleasant events. If you're into photography, carry an extra battery for your camera also. 


4. Keep your friends and family informed. Wherever you're going, make sure there are at least one people who know about your whereabouts. This will help in case of any accidents. Trust me when I say, you are never ready for everything in your trips. 


5. Keep a travel insurance ready. Danger won't give notice before coming. A minor accident can create much havoc if it goes unnoticed. And also can make you pay much more than you ever imagined. A travel insurance can help clear your medical expenses in this case. 


6. Learn some common phrases in foreign language. Know how to say 'thank you' or 'sorry'. Learn short but necessary inquiries like 'where are this address?' or 'how much does it cost'. It will especially come in handy when you are traveling in the countrysides. And for last resort, keep pen and paper with you so that at least you can draw about your questions. 


7. Get an idea about transportations. Try to avoid taxis or rent-a-cars while traveling alone. Rather use the public transport services. They are safer and gives you a rough idea of the place. Try to take free walking tours. It will give you a free orientation of the city you are in. 

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