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Home-office-home, we all want a break from this regular routine. For the first time travelers, it is more like a dream come true. But this dream can turn into a nightmare in no time if you don't get proper guidance. So here we are giving you the top tips to make your travel the experience of a lifetime. 



1. Keep your bookings done: Book your hotels and transports earlier. If you delay too much, possibilities are price would be on a hike. During peak time, hotels are likely to increase their costs. So you either have to pay double for the place you like or settle for less. Be the early bird in case of booking and save yourself money and stress both. 


2. Pack smart: Don't ever stuff yourself with so much luggage that you can barely even walk. This not only creates unnecessary problems but also makes you pay extra charges for bags. Remember that less is more. Pack according to the weather where you are traveling. Always have some emergency meds in your luggage and some antiseptics also. Don't pack unnecessary things in your bag which you can buy instantly. When it comes to packing, be slick and neat. 


3. Get an insurance: Get your travel insurance done before you travel. New weather conditions often don't suit everyone's body and they get sick. Getting treatment in a foreign country can become costly. Doing a travel insurance beforehand can save you a lot of stress then. 


4. Store money in different places: Do not put all your money in one bag. Keep it in small bundles and put them in different places. Always have some cash in your pocket. Put some cash in the credit card. And have multiple cards. Use mobile banking also. So that one source is gone, you can always withdraw from another and enjoy the trip. 


5. Choose the perfect time: Try to travel at night. It is easy and convenient. Moreover, the roads don't have much traffic at night. If you have problems in night journey, start very early. Start your journey before most people would open their eyes. This way you can reach your destination in the shortest time possible. And you can plan your trip well. 


6. Get vaccinated: If you are traveling far, it is better to get vaccinated. You never know what situation you are about to face. With a sickly body, you can't enjoy anything in your trip. So it is important that you take preps before you travel. If you are on any special medications, consult with your doctor before you travel. 


7. Make copies of important documents: Make copies of your important documents like passport visa id card. If you are traveling outside your country, inform your country's embassy about your whereabouts. 


8. Use public services: Rather than a private cab or single guided tour, use the public services available. It will help you save money as well as provide security. 


Use these tips to start on your beautiful journey! 

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