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Are you trying to find love?  Are you hurt from loving someone? Are you on the right track of finding love? 
Finding love may resonate with relationships you had earlier or the ones you have a crush on. Truth is love has many forms. We love ourselves, we fall in love with our works, we love nature our family and so on. We also fall in love with our beautiful life, creativity, and our surrounding situations. 

To realize how you may get love, you have to understand the way it works. To be frank, love depends on our response. You will reap what you sow in case of love. The fascinating form of love is the one you give to another without any conditions. 
Love is a valuable asset. You can use love as the motivation to keep going on and pushing forward avoiding all obstacles. You should not forget all the beauty love brings. Psychiatrists say - you can fall in love in a fifth of a second, imagine what you can give or get in hours, days and years of your life. The depth of love is priceless.

You may find love in strangest places. You may find flawless love when you will hold your newborn child in hand. You may find love in your parent’s eyes while holding your hands. Love can be found in almost everything. Love has no limitation, no boundary. Your heart will find places to accommodate love for more and more people around you. Just try to find the love in your surroundings; you will see the true meaning of Love. 

You may find love through the things we all know. As we have a tendency to live based on our surroundings and therefore the evolution of acquired experiences and expectations. There is no limitation of our expectations too. Thus there’s no limitation, no measurement exceeding or sufficiency to the heart in love. 
Love is the greatest feeling of all. If you try to open your heart to find the love you will realize the versatility and vastness of love. Yes, there is a risk of breaking your heart, love does possess the risk of losing everything. But you cannot shut your heart just being scared of the risks. You cannot experience this heavenly feeling if you are just frightened of the risks. As Love begets love, you cannot just avoid it and feel empty inside in the long run. 

It is heart-wrenching to maneuver past the agony of falling in love and being hurt. It’s exhausting to deal with rejection, loss and therefore the reminiscences. But we do possess the ability to get over it and stand upright to face the challenges again; to find the true love. Although love is not meant to be only for yourself, loving yourself is of foremost priority too. If you learn to treasure yourself then you will realize the value of loving another. If you don’t know how to love, you cannot provide it to someone else. So learn to love through loving yourself and possess the heart to love unconditionally. 

Love is regarding give and take of compassion. Through compassion and selflessness, you will attain the seed of unconditional love. Imposing it on someone or excessive expectation may just force it onto someone, but you cannot attain true love without respect and appreciation in the relationship. So learn to be considerate of the one you love and then you will receive love in return. So don’t bother about what you get in return, rather emphasize on what you have at your disposal to give away.

Love is all about sharing and caring. You cannot force someone to blindly follow your steps and expect love as payment. It requires letting go of egotism.  Instead of just being over-possessive, try being there for the one you love. You cannot understand love without comprehending. You have to possess the ability to be in your loved one’s shoes to understand it. Then your partner will trust you and love you. Love is not something you can achieve though fear and ego. 

From the moment of our birth, we are volunteers as well as connoisseurs in the experiment of love. You may get your heart broken, but remember it is not about the fall rather the way you bounce back. Life itself in and experiment so gather all the experiences and achieve the ability to love learning from your mistakes. Each circumstance you overcome enables you to learn empathy, kindness, and love for another. Never ever shut love out of your life. 

Love is the purest language of the world. And this language beacons for attention. Provide the attention your loved ones deserve so that you won’t regret it later. Preserve the emotions and memories you gain through loving someone. As mentioned earlier love is a give and take scenario. The more attention you will give more attention you will get in return. Love with your whole heart, don’t hold back.

Fall in love more often and deeply without holding back. Allow love to fill the pores of your heart. Love someone who can heal all your shortcomings, as love is the best healer. Let love entangle you with all its perks. So get rid of all the misconceptions and love, do not allow hopelessness hinder what is naturally available to you. You deserve all the love you give to the world, so cherish it. 

Finally, you will realize love is not all about owning, rather about wanting the best for them. It’s about helping your loved ones achieve great heights with or without you. Love is not only about what you say, it’s about what you do. 

So feel free to love and spread love. 



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