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MeetTheWorld is the world's best online dating website that introduces sexy singles to each other. It has been regarded as the Internet's No. 1 dating site by industry experts, dating coaches and thousands of members because it's totally FREE. Yes, you read that right - all our dating services are 100% FREE. We are fully committed to making the world a better place where beautiful people meet each other and fall in love.

MeetTheWorld, is a brand-new, full-service interactive social sharing platform designed to partner people up from around the world in pursuit of new friendships and communication. It is a collaborative platform that provides sustainable and reliable ways of connection regardless your nationality, age, gender, ethnicity, or other.

Born from a passion for contributing to a culture of togetherness and connection between people from different areas, regions, and backgrounds, MeetTheWorld aims to foster friendships between users in a quick and easy manner.

To join this free site, users need only to register with either an email address, Facebook or Google ID. The verification method is only up to the user. Once registered, users can use the different categories to find friends.

In addition to the category breakdown, users can also locate friends using a map feature. If a particular user wants to connect with individuals in his/her region, he/she can narrow their search down based upon the geographic location. Once a user finds a friend he/she wants to know better, he/she simply clicks on “Add to Friend” and can start a conversation.

Once you made friends, the platform has an exciting messaging option that works as a real-time chatting feature. The difference with Meet The World is that it's a free option allowing you to chat with people in other countries.

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– The MeetTheWorld Team