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We protect the safety and health of members. is committed to providing only authenticated member profiles. Our support team reviews all profiles before they appear on our website. We look forward to active participation and engagement to ensure a fun and safe experience.

If you receive inappropriate messages from members, please let us know immediately. You can report directly on the member's profile page or our via email. The information you send is forwarded to our support team. If you want to report or verify a particular member, perform a Member Username search and send the report our via email.

Under certain circumstances, more information may be required. If your profile appears as "fictitious" or you do not think you need additional information to support it, report it immediately. In this case, members who received multiple notifications will be investigated and will be blocked from using the website if the wrong account is set up. In more severe cases, you may need more information. If you think you are a serious member, please send the member details or contact the support team.

If you are not sure which document to submit, please see the example below.

Keep it up reported - When members ask for money - When members sell money - When employment and business opportunities are provided in other countries - When profile's information is different from the actual location of the email (e.g. profile is actually in Nigeria) - False profiles (e.g. discrepancy in photo information) - One Tip: Most deceptive members are of various ages or male members aged 40-60.

For more information, - If you receive bullying emails or aggressive emails - If they are married or older - If you received an inappropriate profile or photo - If you get the improper behavior from members - Violation of the site's terms of use

* If you find any behavior of violation in terms of use on MeetTheWorld, please let us know immediately. This is the case If you receive a link to a paid site or a phone number of 1-900 or sign-up invitation to sell other dating sites, model opportunities, products or services.

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